joi, 13 martie 2014


  • Hey there guys Dota2 M4ST3R here.
  • Today I’ll present my latest project.
  • I know you’re here because of my Youtube Tutorial.
  • So I hope you enjoy it do not forget to subscribe
  • I’ll give you a link for downloading.
  • I will also provice a video on how to download.
  • The only download link for this aplication is here
I have download but how to use it:
  1. After download extraxt files first then
  2. Run Steam (be sure you have lasted update)
  3. In folder where its extracted you can see file named “dota2 maphack 1.7)
  4. After that you can features that appears on application select one that you want to use them
  5. Press ”inject” after pressed that button then Launch Dota 2 from desktop.
  6. While you are playing(in-game) press on keyboard “INSERT” when you want to activate the hack.

By Downloading This Pack you will Receive 2 Programs as you can  see in the SCREENSHOTS